How We Work

Product design – Prototyping – Materialize – Rapid Prototyping – Packaging Design – Product Development – Production Processing – Interior Solutions – Production Methodologies

PPID focuses its attention on experience and perception during the product design phase. This is realised via a process of creative design, through prototyping and onto production methods. We seek out a balance between design, perception, function, technology and pricing for the product design. A blend that ultimately creates the distinctive features of a design. Our intensive collaboration with MakerLab facilitates a seamless connection between idea and end product.


Design it & Make it

The MakerLab is an integral part of our design process. We have access to rapid prototyping, metal, plastic and wood processing, electronics, and also a materials library where we can carry out tests and trials to our heart’s content.


In this environment, ideas and designs are checked on perception, functionality and practicality. The intensive collaboration with MakerLab means we can immediately check whether the ‘sense’ of the idea connects into reality. Here, design, perception, technology and function come together by means of prototyping.


We create our prototypes and make a 0 series. This is a process which not only focuses on the manufacturing practicalities but also on the vision with regard to product price.



Tristan Frencken Industrial Designers was founded in 2018 by Tristan Frencken; it started out as an earlier enterprise which he began in 2002. Tristan Frencken (1977) graduated cum laude from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2004. Shortly afterwards, he won the René Smeets Foundation’s Melkweg Prize and the Eindhovens Dagblad Public Award. In 2008, he was nominated for the Dutch Design Award and four years later he was nominated for the Dutch Material Award.


Tristan Frencken is located in the heart of Den Bosch, where they work with a team of four enthusiastic co-workers, each of whom brings a different set of talents to the table.


The added value of good design is increasingly receiving recognition. They also create, produce and bring their own designs to the market. PPID is often asked by clients to come up with solutions to design issues; both for businesses, within the framework of the new method of working, and also for private individuals. PPID designs for a varied range of clients and endeavours to maintain an all-encompassing portfolio.


Contact Information

Tristan Frencken
Handelskade 16
5211 TH ‘s-Hertogenbosch
The Netherlands


Email: info@tristanfrencken.com
Phone: +31 73 613 60 06